Hi! I'm Chauna. A couple years ago, I was in a serious rut. Several failed relationships and a struggling business, had left me in a very negative place.  Nothing could bring me out of my funk. I was clear-thinking enough to know that the angry negative person that I had become was not me. A friend recommended that I go and see an energy worker, a healer. 


I have a lot of deep seeded resistance to energy work. I was raised in a religious home and grew up thinking that many aspects of spirituality (if they didn’t come directly from the Bible) were “of the devil”.  Though I practiced yoga and attempted to meditate I still harbored a strong reluctance toward anything that seemed too “new agey “ or “out there”


In an act of sheer desperation, I put my discomfort aside and made an appointment. My life was forever changed.


Through Breathwork, I have learned to forgive myself and release the expectations of others.  I am slowly peeling back the layers of low self-worth, and extreme levels of self-scrutiny and learning to love myself. Most importantly, I am learning to receive love from others with an open heart.


I invite those who are new to spiritual work, to take a big brave step towards mental clarity and self love. If that last sentence made you antsy, I AM TALKING TO YOU.  There is nothing to over think. There are zero prerequisites, just come as you are. Do as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing. It’s time to release negative thoughts, actions, and emotions that no longer serve you.  





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