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Upcoming Events


First Sunday

Are you local to the DMV? Join our monthly Breathwork circle. Be prepared to take bold steps toward healing and self empowerment. Join us the first Sunday of every month.

Breathing for Better health

Breathe virtually for better health. Shed unhealthy habits that are toxic to your health and derail your wellness goals.  

New moon

The New Moon is the perfect time to release and start again. Join our group and collectively set big brave goals. 


What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the rocket ship of meditation. An active breathing pattern quiets the brain and the breath ushers out negative energy/thoughts. Sessions are performed lying down and require zero previous experience with meditation or healing modalities of any kind. 


 Are You Ready to Start Healing??

Do you want to increase your worthiness and self esteem?

Would you like to shed anxiety and stress?

Do you want to start living your best life?


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